Bauckhof UK

100% Organic, Vegan and Gluten free - from the Bauck Family Farms & Mills

Our promise to you
  • No pesticides in the kitchen
  • Clean ingredients
  • No additives
  • Easy preparation
  • Full flavour

Scrumptiously Sustainable Mixes

Special Occasion Cake Mixes

Mouthwateringly chocolaty brownies for every occasion.
Try our tantalizing vegan version – no one will notice the difference.   

Oat cheesecake just as your Scottish granny would have made it
back when oats were naturally organic, vegan and gluten free.

Simple and tasty comfort food. Essential at every family gathering.
Don‘t forget the dollop of whipped cream.

Everyday Mixes. No sugar.

The choice is all yours. Enjoy sweet or savoury pancakes,
American pancakes or crispy waffles.

Perfect pastry for your favourite pies.
Try our tasty vegan version.

A uniquely exquisite recipe with a pinch of quinoa sourdough.

Super Porridge Mixes

Nicely nutty flavour without nuts    

With choicely chewy kernels    

Naturally sweet                                

Prettily purple and fruity fresh

Just-add-water-no-tin-no-yeast Bread Mixes

All the ingredients for life-changing bread in one bag.
Just add water. No yeast, no rising time and no hassle.

Fresh wholemeal paradise for oat connoisseurs. Just add water.

No yeast, no rising time and no hassle.

Our Story
The Bauck Family has been farming organically ever since the 1930s. Eduard Bauck later added an organic mill and today we operate three mills which remain a family business to this day.

Our Mission
We believe organic farming is the most sustainable form of farming. We want to make as much scrumptious organic food as possible to help rescue land from industrial farming methods and stop poisoning our soil and water.